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EDI - Electronic Documents Interchange

EDI - Electronic Documents Interchange

Grow your business without hiring more people!

Modern logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, transport and other industries require speed, reliability and large volumes of data exchanged between business partners on an ongoing basis. Data interchange via emails and manual uploads is being phased out as with its low efficiency and human error the companies either have to implement EDI or give way to more tech-savvy competition.

Our EDI service is designed to connect companies of any size who want to exchange business documents electronically. We will route commercial messages like purchase orders, sales information, product information, remittance advices, invoices, sales forecasts, Advance Shipping Notices and many more directly between computer systems of the business partners. Different computer systems may have their own format of those messages, that is why in the middle of the EDI we typically employ process called ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) to translate messages into format receiving system understands.

Because our B2C, B2B and C2B systems are closely integrated, we have functionality of connecting computer systems to humans and vise versa. We can configure inbound data being converted into human-readable PDF invoices or other documents and sent by Email or Fax. We can also configure an online form you can submit from your smartphone by using just a web browser, and the data being sent directly into your business partner's ERP system. There may be scenarios in the middle, like spreadsheets or email messages sent by your accounting system. Talk to us and you will be amazed to learn how much more agile your business can easily become.

With our systems, the EDI messages don't have to be bulk. If you need to send high-frequency single event-driven messages, we are here to make it happen. This option is perfect for B2C scenarios like orders placed online and which need to travel to the customer as PDF and your supplier as an order (either directly into their ERP system or to humans). The possibilities are endless, especially if you consider our other capabilities.

One of important aspects of our EDI service is auditability. You can't rely on humans to record every step they take to communicate with your business partners, but you can rely on our EDI system. You will have computer-readable functional acknowledgements as well as detailed human-readable reports and email notifications. Our systems allow pinpointing non-conforming data with individual row and field accuracy, configuring policies that govern what to do when non-conforming data is found, even if it is in a child record in hierarchical data.

There are so many functions that are part of tested by years framework that using programming tools like SSIS makes no sense in terms of effort, reliability, cost and TTM. Our systems are so robust that often our clients learn from our automated notifications first when their own systems are down. All the EDI and ETL are achieved through configuration, there is no programming to code, test and to go wrong.

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