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Multichannel Marketing

Utilising multiple marketing channels is known to increase ROI of marketing campaigns and it does that in multiple ways too.

  • Multichannel marketing amplifies each channel's impact by delivering marketing message from all angles in precisely-timed fashion.
  • Multichannel marketing grows revenue by building brand presence.
  • Alternation of marketing channels allows brand awareness maintenance without any single channel being saturated.
  • When contact information is available for more than one media, it's always possible to automatically send marketing message by the cheapest channel.
  • More expensive marketing channels are used to drive customers to less expensive channels, which also have better functionality.
  • Using the same service provider for multiple channels allows for better data cleanup, saves costs, time and improves channels coordination.

Our Multichannel Marketing service

  • Multichannel marketing via Email, SMS, Fax, Print, Website development, SEO, Online surveys, Online Events registration, Loyalty and Incentive programs.
  • Professional help in multichannel orchestration.
  • Professional data deduping and cleanup.
  • Multiple channels engaged from the same database or data file.
  • Optional automatic selection of the cheapest marketing channel when sending a multichannel campaign.
  • Optional simultaneous use of multiple channels for each message recipient.
  • Each record in your data can tell which channel to use for that particular customer.
  • Complex rules to render only relevant content and personalised product offers.
  • Customer unsubscription stops communication via all channels.
  • Campaigns results fed directly into your ERP or CRM.
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