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Electronic Statements and e-Billing

Why print and mail statements if you can email or fax them?
Typical annual statement generated and emailed is around 3 cents.
What's the cost when you print statements and then mail them?
What if you do that every month?

Our systems are designed for sending electronic statements in bulk as
well as individually. That applies to Email, SMS and Fax channels.

Electronic statement

Certainly the length of the SMS electronic statement is limited, but if you are getting those from your Telco, why not to follow the suit if the occasion is right?

Typically we generate electronic statements or invoices on-the-fly from your data, but if you already have the PDFs to send, we will do that as well. When we generate the electronic statements ourselves, we keep the PDFs for some time after the campaign is over. When some emails and faxes bounce, we will print and send the affected statements by mail, or send the PDFs to you if you prefer.

We can Email-enable, SMS-enable, Fax-enable your computer system to send invoices electronically. Not only the switch to electronic media saves printing/mailing costs, you also have the process automated, which saves operational costs and makes your invoices paid faster. An added bonus is that the invoices can be sent on the back of personalised marketing messages, so you generate more sales as you invoice! We can also include third party marketing into your invoices, so every time you invoice you earn! The possibilities are endless, just talk to our marketing team.

Why switch to e-Billing and e-Statements?

  • Cut billing and compliance costs. Typical annual statement generated and emailed is around 3 cents.
  • Get your invoices delivered and paid faster.
  • Short TTM compared to printed statements.
  • These days email addresses are more permanent than mailing addresses.
  • Personalised marketing message is first to be seen before recipient proceeds to the statement. Use your bills to generate more sales!
  • You control the time the statement is sent and most likely viewed.
  • Instant navigation to your website, FB, Twitter and other online resources like affiliates and sponsors.
  • Customer activity tracking.
  • Replies from engaged customers are another sale opportunity.
  • Customers are one click away from accurately maintaining their contact details at no cost to you.
  • Customers like electronic statements because they are easy to store, back-up, forward and extract information from.
  • Save the environment! Paper mills are among the worst water polluters in the world. Deforestation is the major contributor to climate change and soil erosion. Carbon, nitrogen dioxide and other poisonous emissions from mail delivery vehicles, ink manufacturing, ozone and the list may go on... Go Green, switch to emails!
  • If you are still not convinced, try sending electronic statements to only a few segments of your database and compare the results.

Our Electronic Statements and e-Billing service

  • Automatic selection of the cheapest channel when sending electronic statements or e-bills.
  • Statements and bills right from your raw data.
  • Bulk Electronic Statements and e-bills.
  • Real-time individual Electronic Statements and e-bills sent from your computer software by Email, Fax or SMS.
  • Option to automatically update status of your e-bills by recipients so that you don't waste time and money calling and annoying your clients.
  • Campaigns results fed directly into your ERP or CRM.
  • ISO 19005-1 compliant PDF/A.
  • Professional data deduping and cleanup.
  • Multiple channels engaged from the same database or data file.
  • Optional simultaneous use of multiple channels for each message recipient.
  • Each record in your data can tell which channel to use for that particular customer.
  • Complex rules to render only relevant content and personalised product offers.
  • Trackable URLs can be personalised. Great for navigation to log-in pages or tracking the customer through your website without the customer being logged-in.
  • Trackable URLs anchor text can also be personalised.
  • Additional open rate tracking by delivery and read receipts.
  • Text recognition in autoresponders, non-delivery, delivery and read receipts to achieve unsurpassed open rates accuracy.
  • Different bounce reasons result in different retry delays.
  • Generated electronic statements can be printed and mailed by us, you or your contractor.
  • e-Statements microsites to register customer consent to receive statements/bills electronically.
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