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Bulk Fax service

Our systems allow for pure bulk Fax campaigns as well as coordinated mix with email and SMS by either the cheapest, all available, or requested channel. Our bulk fax broadcasts can have variable text, paragraphs, images and even tables full of variable data (statements)!

Bulk faxing is a very cost-effective way of customer acquisition. It is cheaper than direct mail and comes to your prospect through the channel that is not as clogged as mailbox or email. Surely Bulk Faxing is not as cheap or flashy as bulk email, but when you have anti-SPAM law standing on your way, bulk fax is a great alternative. Bulk fax does not have to pass SPAM filters, has nearly 100% accuracy of delivery rates and is often seen by multiple people walking past the fax machine.

We send high-resolution quality at below market prices. If you see someone advertising price lower than ours, spend a day creating a test file with different font sizes and boldness and B/W and colour pictures of different shades. When you are tired of testing those services, give us a call :)

Because we are an integration specialist, we can easily Fax-enable your computer system. We can automatically accept data in bulk bursts or one message at the time. We can even monitor your computer system for trigger events and send Fax in response. That is great for faxing orders and invoices.

Sending a one-off bulk Fax campaign is easy with us, and you don't need to learn anything:

  1. Send your data and copy by email, or to our Secure FTP server.
  2. We dedupe and clean your data. If it is not the first time, we will also filter out numbers not worth sending to on that day as well as unsubscribed recipients. You will receive the preliminary cleanup results straight away and may halt the bulk Fax campaign if necessary.
  3. We will program all the necessary personalisation and the name from which the bulk Fax messages will appear to be sent from.
  4. After the Fax campaign is approved by your test team, it is configured to be sent at you chosen date and time. We can send by Fax only or every method of reach available in a recipient's record, or as specified in your data, or by cheapest method possible.
  5. After a few hours and redials when enough statistics about the delivery of your Fax campaign is available, you will receive them in a form ready to use in your business analytics software.
Because we also provide EDI and systems integration services, our bulk Fax service can be easily integrated with your existing computer systems.
Service features:
  • Full professional service.
  • Phone numbers washing against Australian Do Not Call Register.
  • Checking your campaign for compliance with regulations to avoid hefty fines.
  • Typically, no need to pay upfront or buy Fax credits, free quotes.
  • For most clients the cost is less than going DIY and the quality is better.
  • Pure bulk Fax or mixed methods of reach.
  • Professional data cleanup including deduping, formal validation, filtering out numbers that are considered bad for now, or the recipient is unsubscribed.
  • Data cleanup results can be immediately fed back to you before start of campaign.
  • Data upload may be configured as a bulk Fax campaign trigger. That adds Fax capability to your existing system. We can even look into your own database for trigger records or at particular time of a day or week (month) to do a regular Fax blast!
  • Instead of primitive concept of valid-invalid numbers our software calculates when the number should be tried again. That allows preservation of contacts that are so difficult to acquire and with most providers are so easy to lose.
  • Unsubscription prevents use of any method of reach for that communication.
  • Complex rules to render only relevant content to every recipient of the same Fax message. Even Statements and Invoices can be generated from your data and faxed.
  • Fax coming from your name or list name.
  • Fax Campaigns results fed directly into your ERP system.
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