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Bulk Email service

We have a decade-long bulk e-mail heritage, serving high-profile clients like banks, insurance companies, large retailers and charities. We serve clients who don't compromise and need results not achieved by visual tools offered by DIY providers.

Bulk email is a complicated trade that may just look simple on the surface. Why risk doing it yourself if it is faster and more cost-effective to contract a company that does it professionally every day?

Sending a bulk e-mail campaign is easy with us, and you don't need to learn yet another trade:

  1. Send your data and artwork by email, or to our Secure FTP server.
  2. We dedupe and clean your data. If it is not the first time, we will also filter out addresses not worth sending to on that day as well as unsubscribed recipients. You will receive the preliminary cleanup results straight away and may halt your bulk e-mail campaign if necessary.
  3. We will craft all the necessary types of messages like HTML with referenced images, embedded images or no-images or plain text, as well as SMS and Fax. We can also configure personalised attachments like statements or even generate them on the fly when sending. Unlike most systems, our systems allow for trackable URLs with variable links and anchor text. We also can request delivery and read notifications and thereafter automatically process them. Taken the fact that these days all the email clients have a privacy guard that prevents conventional means of tracking, this feature is a "must have" for campaigns success evaluation.
  4. After the campaign is approved by your test team it is configured to be sent at you chosen date and time. We can send by every method of reach available in a recipient's record, or as specified in your data, or by cheapest method possible.
  5. After a few days when enough statistics about the open rates, click-through rates, bounces and un-subscriptions is received you will receive them in a form ready to use in your business analytics software.
Because we also provide EDI and systems integration services, our bulk e-mail service can be easily integrated with your existing computer systems. Service features:
  • Full professional service.
  • Unlike DIY providers we will advise you on your message copy.
  • All you need are just data and copy, we take it from there.
  • For most clients the cost is less than going DIY.
  • You don't need to learn the bulk messaging trade. With our service your TTM is typically a few hours and execution is at highest standard.
  • No need to pay upfront or buy bulk email credits, free quotes.
  • Email, SMS and Fax methods of reach. We also have printing houses partners to cater for your hard copy needs.
  • Professional data cleanup including deduping, formal validation, fixes to commonly misspelled domains, filtering out Email, SMS and Fax addresses that are considered bad for now, or the recipient is unsubscribed.
  • Data cleanup results can be immediately fed back to you before start of mailout.
  • Data upload may be configured as a bulk e-mail campaign trigger. That adds electronic messaging capability to your existing system. We can even look into your own database for trigger records or at particular time of a day or week (month) to do a regular mailout!
  • Instead of primitive concept of valid-invalid address our software calculates when the address should be tried again. That allows preservation of contacts that are so difficult to acquire and with most providers are so easy to lose.
  • Unsubscription prevents use of any method of reach for that communication.
  • HTML with referenced or embedded images (or other media like video), no-images or text version to suit every recipient. Every message is crafted to look good in most email clients including MS Outlook 2007+ and
  • Complex rules to render only relevant content and images to every recipient of the same bulk message. Personalised product offers and much more.
  • Personalised attachments when you already have statements to be sent.
  • Personalised attachments generated on the fly from your data. Even personalised images in the attachments.
  • Trackable URLs can be personalised. Great for navigation to log-in pages or tracking the customer through your website without the customer being logged-in.
  • Trackable URLs anchor text can also be personalised.
  • Additional open rate tracking by delivery and read receipts.
  • Text recognition in autoresponders, non-delivery, delivery and read receipts to achieve unsurpassed open rates accuracy.
  • Different bounce reasons result in different retry delays.
  • Tracking which message was used to unsubscribe and nudging the recipient to state the reason.
  • Emails coming from your name or list name.
  • Campaigns results fed directly into your ERP system.
  • We understand all the technical details of electronic messaging and how the sending and receiving computer systems work. We have access to, and monitor all the low level SMTP, WEB and other logs. We can troubleshoot every message to every recipient while agencies can't even tell how open rates and click-through reporting work and what techniques are used!
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