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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your prices?
A: While our prices are rock-bottom for Australian market, we are not trying to outprice everyone. Our differentiators are solid service quality, advanced functionality, automation and catering for our client's every need. Contact us for a quote.
Q: Do we need to purchase credits? Do credits expire each month?
A: We only work with clients we trust and who have better things to do than managing credits with their service providers. Invoices are payable within 30 days unless agreed otherwise. There is no need to worry about credits and their expiration.
Q: Are there strings attached?
A: No. You pay for the service provided and can leave at any time.
Our bulk messaging service is well-suited for transactional projects. You have nothing to maintain on our servers; you send your data, you get the results data back.
Q: Do we need to install any software?
A: For most of our services, including bulk messaging campaigns - no. Our servers will do all the work.
Q: If we install your software locally, what is the licensing fee?
A: Licensing fees are on server/desktop basis. There are no transactional fees if you run the software yourselves. Unlike many other Integration Software packages, you can run as many instances as you want on the same machine, and because the software is slim, you can fit many instances into the same box.
That is handy for separation of QA, UAT and Production environments as well as creating separate independent installations for different Business Partners Networks.
For small tasks you can license only Extractors and Loaders you need and buy other components later when you need them.
Q: How do we create an Email message to be sent?
A: You don't need to. DIY providers make money by maintaining an impression that creating and sending email messages is simple, but the truth is that it's not. You indeed can create and send, but it takes an experienced professional to get all the invisible details right. The HTML for e-mail is so specific that even experienced website developers are of no help.
Just leave your artwork with us and we will craft the message ourselves.
Q: Do you provide Email to SMS service?
A: Yes. Email to SMS (Email2SMS) is only one of many ways to SMS-enable our Clients' software applications and computer systems. Contact us to find what options are available for your situation.
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