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Advanced Routing of your Commercial messages and data
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Multichannel marketing is a great way to send your message via multiple methods of reach. Achieve even better impact, ROI and brand recognition by mixing our bulk Email, SMS and Fax messaging services with Print, Website development, SEO, Online surveys, Online Events registration, Loyalty and Incentive programs.
Save even more with our automatic selection of cheapest method of reach, or configure desired marketing channel for each recipient. Let recipients choose channel they want.
Why print and mail statements if you can email or fax them? We can Email-enable, SMS-enable, Fax-enable your computer system to send invoices electronically!
Cut billing and compliance costs using e-Billing and e-Statements. Typical annual statement generated and emailed is just around 3 cents! Send your electronic statements on a back of marketing message and get more sales.
These days Electronic Statements is a mainstream. Save the environment, go paperless!
We compose and send sophisticated high-volume bulk e-mail. We do what is difficult or impossible to do by using DIY services. We track what others don't track. We provide personal service while for others you are an online tool user.
Our bulk e-mail messages can have variable text and even paragraphs, variable images, variable trackable URLs and anchor text, variable attachments and much more!
Bulk SMS messages sent directly from your data. Variable text and even paragraphs.
As an integration specialist, we can easily SMS-enable your computer system, even with real-time messages and notifications.
Our bulk fax broadcasts can have variable text, paragraphs, images and even tables full of variable data (statements). High-resolution quality at below market prices.
We can easily Fax-enable your computer system, even with real-time messages, notifications, statements and invoices.
Stop searching for software packages that do everything, they don't exist! Integrate your existing Software Systems to act as one. Enrich and give another lease of life to your legacy systems. Eliminate human error and save costs of manually passing information from one system to another.
Free yourself and your employee from routine to work on what really matters to your business. Drive innovation by mixing and matching disparate applications and let us provide the glue that holds them together.
Electronic Documents Interchange (EDI) between computer systems of business partners. Automated, fast, reliable, free from human error, auditable. Will route commercial messages like PO, ASN, bills of lading, remittance advices, invoices, and many more directly between computer systems of business partners.
Trade with small or non-technical partners using machine2human and human2machine data interchanges.
Process large files with no dramas. Bounce bad data with no service interruption. Resistant to SQL injection attacks.

Commerce Router is a provider of EDI (Electronic Documents Interchange) and other messaging solutions. We provide them as SaaS (Software as a Service), as well as software that can be installed on your computers. We aim at computer systems integration that is simple, reliable and pain-free to our clients.

Our messaging capabilities extend to Bulk Email, Bulk SMS, Bulk Fax Marketing campaigns, Electronic Statements, Online Events registration, Online Surveys, Incentives programs and general Web applications development. With so many years of experience of doing Electronic Marketing for blue-chip clients, our staff steers our client's EDM campaigns over hurdles which are not even seen by the uninitiated.

Our machinery is located in Australia, not in US or any other third country, has no physical access by any third party, and is running the latest Microsoft software, not on an open source shoestring.

Our software can be installed on your systems or in the Cloud if you prefer. It requires little or no dependencies on other software and does the job without draining all the juice from your systems as other software often does. You don't need an expensive hardware or pay premium to your Cloud provider.

Functionality of our services far exceeds what an average provider can offer, just look under the "Services"!

Give us a call or drop a line. No challenge is too big or too small.

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